IMMIGRATION DEBATE/Sweden A Victim Of Multiculturalism



                           Sture Eriksson

                             April 2016

International commentators express a great concern about what is going on in Sweden. In order to contribute to a clarification of the remarkable development now in progress in Sweden I will present some facts and circumstances which may be of general interest.

Before the world wars Sweden was an underdeveloped country – “poverty Sweden” was a term correctly describing a country which struggled for survival during cold winters with temperatures often as low as -30 degrees Celcius and sometimes even below -40 degrees!

During WWII a flexible policy held Sweden outside the war and later made it possible for us to help many destroyed countries to rebuild their infrastructures. As a consequence Swedish economy grew rapidly and the new social democratic party (S) efficiently changed Sweden and made it into a flourishing industrial nation.

But today a hidden moral dilemma has come to surface and become painfully obvious among politicians in Sweden as well as in Germany.

According to this view, which appears to be denied in official discussions, Sweden has a tremendous historical, moral debt visavi other nations because we willingly helped the German murder machine by delivering iron ore, ballbearings and glimmer, gave Hitler a substantial credit and also allowed the German troups and weapons to pass our country.


This moral debt -The War Moral Debt- led Swedish politicians to formulate the new goal - Sweden should become the ethical leader of the world. The PM Reinfeldt coined the maxim “open your hearts” a term suitable in the narcissistic context. 

When the people ungrateful rejected him as well as the M-party in the election in the year 2006 the leader becomes sad and confused and decides to punish the people - he embarks a plane, flies over the northern Sweden and under the blessings of narcissism gains the divine insight that Sweden must be overcrowded by migrants.


As a consequence many Swedish politicians now have abandoned the world of reality and live in the world of political narcissism. Therefore they are forced to argue that we generously should help all other nations - Sweden must open its borders - no restrictions! 

One party - Centerpartiet (C) has been struck by the overwhelming emotion of guilt and moral superiority – and argued that Sweden can accept 40 millions of refugees (although the present Swedish population only is about 9 millions!).

Of course such an unrealistic goal frightens many habitants in the nation – they fear that they within short will become a minority in their own land, living in a new country governed by sharia laws, sharia punishments and the Islamic view of mankind.

But according to the politicians this exchange of populations is no problem. In fact Sweden will benefit from the increased immigration. – immigration is the sacred goal which Sweden must accept in order to remedy its sins.

Miljöpartiet (MP) raised the bet one step further and suggested an even higher moral standard according to which Swedish politicians now have the obligation to generously helping all other peoples. Therefore Sweden not only must open its borders – free immigration is the sacred goal we should achieve with the help of world leading economic gifts.



A typical and serious case of repression - a defense mechanism which constitutes the psychological denial of reality is manifested in the swedish narcissism today.

As an example, Åsa Romson, the Swedish Deputy Prime Minister, said that the attack against the World Trade Center in september 11, 2001 in reality was - not a muslim attack against USA - but an accident!

It is remarkable that this "accident" simultaneously hit the two Twin Peak Towers with the use of two aeroplanes , simultaneously hit Pentagon with a third aeroplane and simultanously a fourth aeroplane flying towads the White House but was stopped by brave americans and crashed.

What will happen when such a person, living in such a deplorable world of defence mechanisms, is forced to lead the nation in case of an attack against Sweden?



In order to attract migrants to come to our small and isolated part of the world the political narcissism required that Sweden must be depicted as best in the world with generous economic benefits to all migrants: e.g. free dental care, free medical care, free living, free drivers licence and a free car.

 At present the politicians also plan to by houses (each costing about 900.000 SEK) for every migrant family.

At the same time many Swedish students now are facing the impossibility of getting a room in the university areas. They are placed last in the cue and the immigrants are given the first positions to most flats! A similar strategy, or “politics”, is used when old Swedish people are forced to abandon their living in order for refugees to take over their rooms. Furthermore, swedish surgeons are warning that Sweden must reduce cancer operations - they are too expensive. 

The immigrants consequently can impress their relatives, and friends in their homelands and tell them that as immigrants they are given rooms in castles and maisons and food served by Swedish servants!

Of course, with such promises people from many countries perceive that Sweden will give every migrant great amounts of economic benefits even to inhabitants living in Somalia, which according to a recent investigation characterize themselves as the happiest people in the world. Therefore, many new economic migrants are born and start the long journey up to Sweden.

But this is not enough - our moral superiority should lead us to include all people – even terrorists such as ISIS who have murdered small children as well as buried children alive. The social democratic minister Sahlin once argued that wounded ISIS terrorists should be given medical treatment in Sweden so they could continue their lives, e.g. return to Syria and continue their lethal mission!

This remarkable openness fitted well into her previous ideas

“ Immigants are not expected to comply with Swedish customs - it is the Swedes who should comply with immigrants”!



Politicians talk about refugees while most migrants in fact are economical migrants.

The social democrats (S) contributed to the internet image of the fantastic Sweden (but were forgetting the crucial distinction between refugees - which of course should be helped - and the economic migrants which come to Sweden because of the many generous economic benefits as well as free education, e.g. free university studies).



An archetype in Swedish politics implies that critical discussions of the leading policy is regarding as racism and must be attacked with all available means.

An example is the treatment of (SD), Sverigedemokraterna.

In this highest moral context the other parties reached an agreement of  the highest moral standard - THE DECEMBER AGREEMENT (DÖ) implying that SD, its policy and suggestions must be rejected because it was, not only racism but also faschism and even nazism.

All contacts with SD (which was supported by 20% of the voters, mainly M-members and S-members) therefore must be minimized – even if the party becomes the largest party in Sweden!

This remarkable undemocratic attitude constitutes the current intellectual peak in the Swedish democratic political sandbox!



The right wing party (M) then suddenly, after one or two highly ethical thoughts, gained the insight that the party – which had lost several voters in the election - must adopt SD:s policy and suggestions.

This carbon copy policy - the 180 degree turn - in Swedish “Lappkastet” - consequently now is at the heart of the current policy of the M party!

“Lappkastet” is a technique, borrowed from the Lapps, which allows the skier, using two rapid, clever ski movements, to make a U-turn so that the right ski after the U-turn is placed into the formerly left track while the left ski is placed into the formerly right track. So the skier rapidly can continue the skiing, but now in the opposite direction!



The party shares the swedish political narcissism common to all other parties, except SD.

Therefore the S-party has left its historical role in Swedish politics and now mainly is devoted to political narcissism.

Therefore the latest socialdemocratic “Lappkast” has given us one of the hardest immigation politics - the opposite to the ideology of the open heart!

An insightful politician, Håkan Juholt, criticized the social democratic party and argued that the party has betrayed its people, lost its soul, and performed no less than a political self amputation.

In the investigation by NOVUS it was found that 69% of the Swedes were of the opinion that the harder SD-inspired rules för immigation were good. 7% meant that the harder rules were bad.

DEMOSKOP showed a similar tendency: 58% of the Swedes meant that the immigration is too extensive. 13% meant that immigration was too low. In 2015 this figure has raised to 70%.

Consequently, there is a strong change in the attitude regarding immigration: from a widespread positive attitude to a negative attitude in only a few years! 

So, it is time for many Swedish polititians to leave the promised land of Utopia and try to return to the cruel  world of reality.


The picture of Swedish social democratic policy currently is centered around three important aspects, namely the open-heart strategy, the Lappkast-strategy, and with regard to education a highly obsolete environmentalism.

Therefore, Swedish politicians during a long time have been led to construct a distorted image of the real world.

This distorted image neglects to consider crucial scientific data which are needed in order to understand and efficiently cope with the current world. The drastic degradation of the school results, shown in the PISA investigations, the current immigration problem with a high degree of unemployment and the alarming increase of rapes essentially derive from this distorted image.

A more objective analysis is needed in order to consider the interactions between deciding factors of the current situation. In the first place analyses of the impact of intelligence (IQ and factor profiles) on school results, unemployment and criminality need to be analysed instead of being transformed to the standard belief that environmentalism guaranties the equal performance and happines for all - the sacred application of the view of the enduring but obsolete socialism.

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